A supposedly normal day turns into a life-threatening escape

A supposedly normal day turns into a life-threatening escape. The book “We all fall down” by Eric Walters captures the emotions, feelings and struggles faced by the victims of 9/11. The attack that frightened the entire world was a reality for an employee John Fuller. 9/11 was one of the deadliest coordinated terrorist attacks that had a tremendous effect on the world. This attack targets the legendary twin towers which had thousands of visitors daily. John is inside the South tower attempting to flee. This attack has him in apprehension of his future but his logic, decisiveness and toughness increases his chances of survival.

In times of distress an essential quality is logic but being logical is a difficult quality to have in that state. Although John is confused and shocked he must still make a logical critical decision that impacted the person he cared for the most: his son, Will. He had to inform his son the safest way to evacuate this tower without knowing the status of the routes. John is considering the speed of the fire travelling, the architecture of the building and its resistibility. Telling his son “we have to take the time to make the right decision”, John is not allowing himself to panic and follow the actions of the majority of the crowd. He is trying to take all the information he knows into consideration before making a decision that would determine their future. When they are still unsure of the route they want to use, John considers a risk of going through the smoky building with no protection. He quickly transforms a tie into a mask for Will’s protection, “he took the tie and ripped the back, opening it up”. John logically uses his resources to make his son a mask for protection. His actions at all times throughout the escape show that John can be logical even in the midst of a catastrophe.

When every moment must be used to the fullest, John Fuller has to make a critical choice of which route to use to escape. This is the pivotal moment when his decisiveness matters the most. Due to the fact that dozens of people depend on John’s instructions, being accurate and being assertive are crucial to ensure people follow his commands. John had to decide and stay true to the decision regardless of other influences. John is convinced that when the North Tower is hit, it also threatens the South Tower. After notifying all his staff to leave and hearing an announcement contradicting him. “Building two is secure. There is no need, I repeat, no need to evacuate building two”. He still leaves the building disregarding the announcement to do otherwise.

Toughness is an extraordinary quality that few individuals have, John Fuller was one of those few people with that great quality. Escaping from a dangerous building and struggling to beat the time before the tower collapses, demonstrates the strength and toughness that John has. John does not let his emotions muddle his decisions because lives are at risk (need quote here). The intensity of the attack has everyone including John in shock. He blocks out his feelings, thoughts or questions about the attack and thinks only about his and his son’s best chances of escape and survival. With every move, John is taking a risk and there is no certainty that he will get out alive. He has to be tough and settle his anxiety and go down the stairs to ground zero even though he is nervous about what the downstairs beholds. He toughens up and perseveres through all the pain and anxiety he has about the stairs, for at least a slim chance of survival (need quote).

With his future being threatened so highly, John works to escape the danger and seek safety for himself and others. John used his skills to the fullest and was logical, decisive and tough. As a result, he sees the light at the end of the tunnel and is one of the heroic survivors.

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