Can Love Make People Happier?

Love is such a strong feeling. People say it is unexplainable how love can give a roller coaster of emotions. In fact, love can make you go crazy, as they say. But how does love become a happy pill? When people fall in love, they just feel happy and cheerful no matter what they go through every day. As long as their special someone is around, they feel like nothing can go wrong. Love is universal; therefore, this feeling of happiness coming from it is felt by everyone. But to make things clearer, a brief explanation of how love can make people happier is given.

How Love Makes People Happier

Love relieves stress

People in love are less likely to feel stress and pressure. This is because of their increased mood levels. People who hug and have physical contact with their partners have reduced blood pressure, making them go through pressure and stress more effectively. If you feel stressed out, a conversation or time with your partner can help you take away the feeling of stress and have a brighter day.

Love gives the assurance of companionship

There are people who worry whenever they feel alone. Being alone makes one feel lonely and even depressed. But when you are in a relationship, your feeling of loneliness is gone. You get the assurance that there will always be someone with you all the time. The feeling that you can call someone any time you need them makes you feel happy.

Love gives longer life

Love offers a lot of health benefits aside from relieving you from stress. It reduces blood pressure, anxiety, headache, and depression. It gives high levels of energy and enthusiasm. When you are in love, it seems like you are always on-the-go allowing yourself to move freely. This helps with giving your body a workout, beneficial for the heart and body. Because you get lower risks from diseases, you live a longer life when you are in love. And healthy means happy.
When people are in love, there are just so many things that they can do. It pumps up a person and makes them feel more alive. The feeling of happiness is always beneficial for people as it makes them feel more positive in life. More than the feeling and health benefits, love can make people feel more able to do the things they want. Therefore, people in love say that all things are possible.
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